Cube of Fate Stamp
Type: Basic Items

Price: 1 / 1.000.000
Stacked: 9999

A stamp that symbolizes the Cube of Fate Directors' Board.
Trade through the Gift Exchange at the PW Boutique Agent.

Award from quest

Genie Pack (0)
PK Champion Rewarding (0)
PK Runner-Up Rewarding (0)
PK 3rd Rewarding (0)
PK 4th~8th Places Rewarding (0)
Japan|日服09.5月彩票 (0)
Japan Region Lottery 0906 (0)
n/a台湾2010年1月彩票 (0)
Coral of Luck (0)
Lucky Coral (0)

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Used in craft for following items

☆☆Puzzle Cube Badge·Vain (80)
Recipe: COF Badge Physical Exchange
Amount needed: 1

☆☆Puzzle Cube Badge·Vain (80)
Recipe: COF Badge Magical Exchange
Amount needed: 1

Item can be crafted
Recipe: Cube of Fate Stamp Exchange

Perfect·Token of Best Luck (60)

Probability to create: 100.00%

Treasure Merchant Hagen