Perfect·Token of Best Luck
Type: Basic Items

Price: 0 / 10.000
Stacked: 9999

Congratulations! Lady Luck must really like you!
Use the Gift Exchange option at any PW Boutique
Agent to redeem these tokens for a gift.

Award from quest

1st Prize (80+)
Lucky Token Box (0)
Heaven Happiness Pack (0)
Anniversary Pack (0)
2nd Prize (0)
3rd Prize (0)
5th Prize (0)
N/A上线赢豪礼 (0)
N/A上线赢豪礼 (0) Amount: 2
Tideborn Heart (0)

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Used in craft for following items

Wind Widget
Recipe: ToBL_Wind Widget
Amount needed: 1

Galewind Spurs
Recipe: ToBL_Galewind Spurs
Amount needed: 3

Spurs of Alacrity
Recipe: ToBL_Spurs of Alacrity
Amount needed: 3

COF Directorate Secret Letter
Recipe: ToBL_Directorate Secret Letter
Amount needed: 1

Perfect Garnet Shard
Recipe: ToBL_Perfect Garnet Shard
Amount needed: 2

Perfect Citrine Shard
Recipe: ToBL_Perfect Citrine Shard
Amount needed: 2

Perfect Sapphire Shard
Recipe: ToBL_Perfect Sapphire Shard
Amount needed: 1

Chrono Page
Recipe: ToBL_Chrono Page
Amount needed: 1

Card Hero Token
Recipe: ToBL_Card Hero Token
Amount needed: 4

Ten Million Big Note
Recipe: ToBL_Ten Million Big Note
Amount needed: 2

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Used in quests
Name Level Amount Mob/Type
Last Step to Ascension 100+ 9 Required to activate quest
Last Step to Ascension 100+ 9 Required to finish quest
Lucky Stone Pk. Token Exch 0 1 Required to activate quest
Item can be crafted
Recipe: 2016 JP New Lottery Exchange 47

GM Perfect·ToBL Shard·Arcane

Probability to create: 100.00%

GM JP New Lottery

Recipe: n/a2016日本新彩票兑换01

GM Perfect·ToBL Shard

Probability to create: 100.00%

GM JP New Lottery

Recipe: Perfect·Token of Best Luck Exc.

Ten Million Big Note

Probability to create: 100.00%

Treasure Merchant Hagen

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