Platinum Spirit Charm Box
Type: Books/Scrolls

Price: 0 / 1
Stacked: 9999
Binding type: CASHITEM (8)

Contains a Platinum Spirit Charm.
Right-click to open.

Activate Task

Award from quest

Giant's Gunny Sack (0)
Gift of the Abbey (0)
Snow Apes' Treasure (0)
Superheated Chest (0)
Riches of the Northern Snows (0)
Hidden Orchid Treasure Trove (0)
Summerlight Chronicle (0)
Flurry Ascension (0)
Skypole Stars (0)
Machinist's Oil (0)

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Item can be crafted
Recipe: Platinum Spirit Charm Box Exc.

Perfect·Token of Best Luck (10)

Probability to create: 100.00%

Treasure Merchant Hagen

Sold in
Name Exists
Battle Supply Master -